Saturday, November 13, 2010

Muskrat alert!

Down along the neighborhood lake's edge, this muskrat was just hanging out. I took one step closer and he disappeared into the water!


  1. It's always exciting to get a shot of a wild animal.
    Your muskrat looks like the nutria (or lutria) we saw in the Jordan river, but I think they are different.

  2. Nice one! Never seen one of them, seen many of Dina's nutrias though. Always very exciting.

  3. Nice shoot. I think I saw one of them when I visited Minnesota during my exchange year in the US.

  4. I think I've never heard of a muskrat before so, as a wildlife lover (and blogger! LOL!), I had to google it and realized they have been introduced in Europe. No idea, however, if they exist here. Cool find, Leif!


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