Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where's Margo?!

"The Taste of Eagan" gave many Eaganites the occasion to try yummy food from 27 local restaurants. This final 150th city anniversary event filled the Eagan Community Center gymnasium with stands offering: sushi, pizza, beef stew, chicken skewers, French pastries, cookies, etc.
Hint: Margo is a beautiful blonde!


  1. Hi Leif, yes I plan to be back again... :) got loads of pictures but due to busy schedules I almost forgot about my blog.. Cheers from Marcel

  2. Wie war eigentlich das Essen...lecker?
    Hast gar nichts erzählt davon ;-)
    Herzliche Grüsse aus Berlin

  3. I found Margo. She is literally wearing Lobster Bisque from Jensen's, with a little chocolate here and there. What a Hoot!!

  4. I'm sure you walked from stand to stand here eating way too much, I know I would have.

    Good work by Mrs. Magoo spotting tre blonde.


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