Monday, August 9, 2010

Bus ride or cup of java?

Whether you need a bus ride into downtown Minneapolis or downtown St. Paul, you'll catch the right bus at the Eagan transit station located in the heart of our city.
Otherwise, stop here for a haircut, Chinese food or a cup of Starbucks coffee!


  1. I'll wager there are a lot of people that combine all three.

  2. les Starbucks coffee sont vraiment partout, même en France ;))

  3. too bad you couldn't get all three while on the bus!

  4. "Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks"--this a sign at the counter at the Red Cup in Washington Island.

  5. Look like the starbucks is every where.We have three starbuck coffee outlet in my town.
    Nice photo,thanks for viewing my blog..our homemade cake(kueh in Malay) are mostly too sweat.


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