Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's treat

Our friend Doug came over on New Year's morning for strong coffee and Swedish Kringler which I baked after my morning blogging time. Here's the recipe if you'd like to try to bake it:
Mix 1 cup flour and 1/2 cup butter until crumbly. Add 1 Tablespoon water and mix/gather together.
Form two long strips about 3 inches wide on a cookie sheet.
Heat 1 cup water and 1/2 cup butter in saucepan just barely to boiling. As you take it from the heat, add flour all at once and stir until a smooth ball.
Stir in one egg at a time, (3 eggs total) beating by hand after each addition.
Add 1 teaspoon almond extract for flavoring.
Spread on the two pastry strips and bake in pre-heated oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes.
Frost with sugar icing flavored with almond extract.
Sprinkle almond slivers on top.
Serve with coffee and enjoy!


  1. Are these made on request or does one need an invitation. Looks delicious!

  2. Sounds great with all that butter.
    I'd get up and make some, if only I could tear myself away from the computer.

  3. Yummm. These look tasty. And I haven't had my breakfast yet. May I come over for a slice or two?

  4. Wow!! You are sooooo lucky!!! That looks delicious!!!

  5. You made that from scratch? Yummy! I'll have to give it a try :)

  6. I'm blogging hungry, the more I got hungry dropping by here! hahaha!

    Thanks Leif for the visit. See you again..

  7. That does sound good Leif! Happy New Year!

  8. looks yumm... will try for sure and report back to you!

    a Very Happy New Year! :D

  9. Thank for the recipe, I'll try it.
    Happy New Year, Leif!

  10. Wow, butter! It's got to be good. I'll try it out on dh's Swedish relatives.

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  11. YUM! Thanks for the recipe. Leif. ;-)

  12. «Louis» is going to try this as soon as he et Mme la Vache polish off the Coconut Chess Pie he made...

  13. Yummy! Your are spoiling a lot of resolutions!
    Happy New Year!

  14. Mmmm… that sounds so yummy!
    But no more coffee for me today — it's already past noon.

  15. Det SER godt ut, og det SMAKER garantert GODT!!
    Just what I am missing with my first cup of coffee.
    Enjoy your day!

  16. I don't believe I've tasted anything similar, but if it has almonds it can't be bad! :) Thanks for the recipe, the first time I get that nutty craze to bake something, I'll try this one.

  17. These look good; I've never tasted something similar but I'd be willing to try :)


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