Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eagan Rotarian series #4

Scott O. Swenson, Market President of Home Federal Bank in Eagan, served several years ago as the Eagan Rotary Club president. As the current club secretary, he'll be the new club president again in the 2011-2012 Rotary year.

Tuesday, August 11 was the bank's second anniversary party. Scott served some wine and greeted friends, customers, prospects and fellow Rotarians. If you have commercial bank needs, email or call Scott for some excellent advice. He may even pour you a glass of Merlot! - A publicly traded company (HMNF)


  1. What! No white wine, cheese or crackers?! Looks like it must have been a great party, though!!

  2. Lucky you. ;-)
    My bank do not have parties like that!
    Only for the employees....

  3. I think my rotary chapter must be lame. I wrote a couple of emails and never heard anything back. :(

    I heard a newsstory on NPR this morning and they were talking about a medical clinic in Eagan. I though - I know somebody there!

  4. I wouldn't mind a little wine with my banking!

  5. I'll have a Bud or two or three please!!

  6. That's one heck of a sneaky way to bring in customers! But, I'll bet it works! Especially in Eagan. In the winter.

    The whine stops where the wine begins!

    That's what I call providing a little interest!

  7. We even don't have these kind of parties in Banks ...Great ..Unseen Rajasthan


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