Monday, June 29, 2009

Près de la pyramide du Louvre

Everyone gathered at the pyramides of the Louvre Museum on Wednesday, 24. June to enjoy the fabulous, sunny weather and lively atmosphere. I was visiting French friends who live in a Paris suburb.

Chers internautes parisiens, désolé d'empiéter sur votre territoire! Votre ami Leif, EAGAN daily photo


  1. Hey Leaf, welcome to our corner of ze worlds! Enjoy Paris!

  2. I am jealous, too, Safe Leif! Nice shot, though. We were at the Louvre on in late June two years ago...It was quite cold - jacket weather!

    Hope all is well in Leigensteinbeurger (or wherever you are at the moment!)

    And I know it's not St. Patrick's Day! Sheesh! When is July 4th, though?

  3. You're BIG all over the world! Hurry home!

  4. Eagan a un peu changé ces derniers temps, non ? ;-)

  5. Excellent shot, wish we had that kind of a square in Joburg.


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