Wednesday, June 17, 2009

F is for fire station

Eagan volunteer firefighters remind you to check your fire detectors in your home. The crabapple trees were blooming in our city!


  1. Hello Leif

    The mid-month theme of Subways is not an official City Daily Photo blog group. There are just six cities that participate. I am the most recent person to join. It does circle the globe but, unfortunately, Ming from NYC has had to stop his blog. He will tell us soon, I hope, what has befallen him.

  2. F is also for following your blog... Thanks for the visit.

  3. Dear Leif, thanks for all your kind and funny comments over at my site.
    I'm sorry I didn't read your sunday post before. If I had, I'd have replied earlier. Best birthday wishes, even if they're late. Hope you had a great day.

  4. Tks for your two recent visits to RuT. Local firestations here are also strongly promoting the "test your detector" theme. Can we concude that "World Domination Inc" has indeed taken over our elected governments and is specifying our themes of the day?

  5. That is a good campaign! I don't know what crabapple trees are but they look beautiful behind the sign.

  6. We have a law about them and someone noted that it hasn't brought down the number of fire-related casualties as much as expected but fire detectors are certainly an important item in every home.

  7. Hey Leif! Is that a fireplug I see? Has that been safety tested? This would be a good motto for the business you and I were know "Be safe with Leif."

    Hope you're having a good night. You'll be glad to know we only took 840 photos in Cedar Key - or did I tell you that before. I think so. At my age it's hard to remember things from one minute to the next.

    But, wait...what's your excuse?


  8. Does every home have one of these?

  9. Hi Leif! Great advice!!

    The Republic of Uzupis. Never heard? Blogtrotter has it for you… ;) Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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