Saturday, June 13, 2009


Eagan High School seniors lined up and waited for their commencement procession with their black robed teachers on Friday afternoon.  Glad his number "96" matched his shoes!  Why "96"?


  1. I wonder too....i had to click enlarge to see where 96 was...yes it does matches his shoes .

  2. Hello Leif from Athens, Greece! ;)
    It is very interesting to see photos from your city .. Quite different from my own..
    Thank you for your visit on my blog.
    Kind Regards!

  3. Why didn't you ask him? Could be he is an athlete and wears that number.

  4. I'm curious — why do they have two colors for the robes? For high school here, the robes are always just one color (assuming they use robes — not all do). Of course, it can be different in college depending on the school or course.

    And since you pointed the 96 out, I want to know what it means too! ;D

  5. My guess would be the number on his team uniform, but who knows! Thanks for visiting my blog and no I'm not in a "Lois" club. Both of my grandmothers were named Lois so that's where I got my name. I like it because it's so common. I do get a lot of "Lois Lane" remarks though, which gets old! You have a great blog!

  6. We had two robe colors at our school too Hilda...boys one color, girls another. And the weird thing was they didn't match our two school colors which would have made more sense.
    Got me on the 96, I'd guess a sports number.

  7. Hi Leif,

    Our high schools students normally don't wear gown for their graduation. So it's quite revealing to see others who do.

    You have a very nice blog. I enjoyed my first visit and will be back every now and then.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog the other day.


  8. "96" 13 years of school--over with!!(Counting Kindergarten) Maybe not but that is my idea.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your blog. And shall return. MB

  9. Merci de votre visite sur mon blog !

    And Why 96 ?

  10. Very nice blog indeed and the pictures are gorgeous! Regards from Cyprus. Philip

  11. Kanskje han var den eneste som har drukket 96%? :) Nei, har ikke fått fly noen av dem, jeg får bare se på dem, hehe. Ha en fin helg.

  12. There's no answer. Minnesotans do crazy things all the time; often by the number!

    What can I say? 96 probably refers to the coldest day of last winter (that's below zero!)...

    Or, it could refer to how many minutes remain of summer...

    Or maybe he was born in 1996 and is a quick learner...


    I give up. Too many possibilities.

    Have a nice weekend and don't forget to take care of the numbered items on your "to-do" list!

  13. I found out later that the boy with the 96 number on his hat is a race car driver and his racing car number is 96!

  14. Love the shoes! Perfect for graduation, LOL! Congrats to the graduates and happy summer vacation to us all!
    Love your blog, thanks for stopping by to visit mine too :-)

  15. congratulations, guys! Once we lived at a number 96! What about the position 96 in certain activities? I always like those yellow school buses and ours never have the engine jutting out the front now. Curious, I wonder why that model lives on and on.

  16. Nice composition of color combinations

  17. A lot of diversity there, in terms of footwear.

    Och grattis på födelsedagen, i efterskott!


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